The Story Behind The Rapid Scrub

Rapid Scrub - dissassembledI’ve been grooming horses and dogs for years, and in 1989 I thought up an idea of putting a sponge on top of a curry for bathing horses. I figured this was so simple an idea that someone else must have thought it up already, but to my surprise, no one had. So I set to work designing and developing the bath brush I had in mind. After quite a bit of trial and error I finally found the perfect combination of user friendly and functionality – the straps for the handle running thru the cover holding the brush together were the answer. There are two U.S. Patents with 21 claims currently enforced to protect this product.

You may see a similar product to our Official Rapid Scrub being sold in stores and online. We have tested our product extensively and take no shortcuts in our manufacturing process. So please make certain you get the Original and Patented Rapid Scrub - you'll know it from the ruby red color and the 2 patents listed on the top!

We have been fortunate to find great interest in our product; and the recognition from both the general public and respected media in both the horse and dog industries has been overwhelming. We’re extremely proud of this product and the fact that it is made right here in Minnesota USA. We hope you’ll buy Rapid Scrubs and tell all your friends and neighbors about them too! Now you can spend less time grooming and more time training, riding and having fun with the animals you love.


Anita and Mike
Rapid Scrub

Rapid Scrub Medium Curry Bath Brush