Rapid Scrub – The World’s Best Curry Bath & Grooming Brush For Horses

Now you can bathe, curry and massage your horses with a single grooming tool. Made in the USA, Rapid Scrub saves time by dispensing soap as its soft rubber fingers give a thorough,but gentle, cleaning right down to the skin. It combines a sponge with a perforated, massaging rubber curry base and an adjustable strap. The flexible shape bends around hard-to-clean areas. Just wet the sponge, add shampoo or conditioner to the pail of water, and you’re ready to go.

The Rapid Scrub Bath & Grooming Brush combines a sponge on top of a comfortable, extremely flexible, and perforated massaging curry base with an adjustable strap that keeps the cover in place. The cone shaped curry teeth groom the hair and penetrate to the skin for a softer, cleaner and healthier coat that promotes natural oils. The curry teeth hold on to dirt and hair, so you won’t have it in your face, yet they easily release the hair and dirt collection when you rinse it out. The quality Hydra Sponge is properly cut to fit the bath curry and the secure adjustable strap. There are grips on the inside of both surfaces to securely hold the sponge in place.

Made from high-quality Dynaflex, Rapid Scrub Bath & Grooming Brushes rinse clean and can be boiled to sanitize. They easily handle freezing temperatures and are UV Resistant. Unlike competitors’ products, Rapid Scrub Bath & Grooming Brushes do not become as slippery or slimy-feeling when wet – so you always keep a good grip while maintaining optimal brush flexibility.

Rapid Scrub Bath & Grooming Brushes are available in three varieties:

  • The Rapid Scrub Medium Bath & Grooming Brush features medium-firm cone curry teeth optimized for spring shedding, grooming and bathing.
  • The Rapid Scrub Soft Bath & Grooming Brush features cone curry teeth that are softer than our medium brush, making it perfect for sensitive skin and summer bathing.
  • The Rapid Scrub Mini Teeth Bath & Grooming Brush features many smaller cone curry teeth that are the same firmness of our Soft Brush.  This brush is fantastic for bathing and grooming animals with shorter hair or very sensitive skin.


The best darn horse scrubber around! They’re easy to use and handy to have when you’re cleaning your trusty mount.

Minnesota Mounted Shooters

Approved Product Pick – Equine Wellness Magazine.

The Original Rapid Scrub Curry Bath Brush

Let the sun shine on those white-haired, pink-skinned animals after you bathe them with Rapid Scrub!  There will not be dark streaks left like there were after you finished bathing them with any other grooming tool.

Rapid Scrub cleans your horse like no other brush can

Let the sun shine on those white-haired, pink-skinned animals after you bathe them with Rapid Scrub! You won't find any dark streaks left like there were after you finished bathing them with other grooming tools.

Kristi Teklinski
Horse Tack Review

We really did enjoy using the Rapid Scrubs and I think the horses liked them too! And so did my German Shepard.

Excalibur Breeding Center
Aitkin, Minnesota

Recently we tried a new brush here at Excalibur. We found the Rapid Scrub to do everything that was promised by the manufacturers. No more shampoo spots that take forever to get rinsed out. The Rapid Scrub evenly disperses the soap from an interior sponge and works it in for a real deep clean. We tried it on a couple of the stallions and also a mare with a lot of white hair and it was a joy to use and it cleaned all the green stains out of the white hair. We also found it cleaned the tough spots like the Friesian's feathers without ripping the hair. The conditioner worked in very well with the curry teeth. Our hats go off to Rapid Scrub - we give this product Five Stars!

Mora, Minnesota

I bought your Rapid Scrub at the Horse Expo in April. It does everything you said it would. My friends have borrowed mine and agree with the fine quality. Love the Rapid Scrub!!!